Burglar alarms installations

Securimed has been providing professional installations and servicing of all types of burglar alarm systems for the finest homes and businesses since 1995 and watch how the security sector has improved and change.

Securimed is an accredited and registered approved security service provider with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority registration number 2079662

locally-owned security company

  • Our clients appreciate dealing with a locally-owned security company and they benefit from the superior equipment, the high-quality design layout and installation, and the prompt service we are able to provide with good prices.

top quality security systems

  • We strive to provide top quality security systems and outstanding service to each of our customers. Our technicians have an average of over 20 years' experience each.
  • Because of our wide expertise, we are able to expertly recommend, professionally install, and efficiently maintain a full range of specialized security systems and related services and products for homeowners and businesses throughout the response Triangle area and beyond.
  • Securimed would like to advise clients to look at the fine print on contracts when it comes to free burglar alarm panels.

Companies are going to charge you a high monthly fee on a long term armed response and service contract and when you try to hand in your cancellation for bad service or higher increase in your monthly fee, they will come and remove the burglar alarm panel and you back to start by getting a new burglar alarm panel again.

no required long-term contracts

  • Securimed offers Alarm monitoring to commercial and home burglar alarm systems with no required long-term contracts.
  • We also sell, install and service all types of alarm systems, CCTV systems.
  • We will work with you to secure everything from a single residence to a large commercial site with multiple locations.

Securimed is now proud to be the only company in the area that has security and medical in one 24/7 control room under the same roof to assist our clients with all Emergencies.

Securimed will link up your alarm to 24/7 control room via Telkom phone line or SIM GPRS Radio

We can monitor the following services

  • Burglar alarm activation
  • Panic alarm activation
  • Medical alarm activation
  • Power failure activation
  • Opening and closing activation
  • Hold-up-alarm activation
  • Fire alarm activation
  • Duress alarm activation
  • Refrigeration temperature alarm monitoring activation

In the event of a power failure, the Securimed Alarm Monitoring Centre is equipped with an interruptible UPS backup system and Generator.


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