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Securimed has been providing on-site security guards to the finest homes, shopping malls and businesses since 1995.

Securimed is an accredited and registered approved security service provider with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority registration number 2079662

Securimed has been studying and looking as to how to improve and better the type of service in the on-site security guarding sector for a very long time and has also taking on board all its clients' requests for medical help that was always outside of our control.

Securimed is now proud to have security and medical under the same roof to assist all our clients with all types of Emergencies.

All Securimed on-site security guards are trained in level 1 First Aid

Securimed has a live guard gps monitoring system in our 24/7 control room that monitors the on-site security guards patrols with up to date client reports.

  • Securimed K9 trained and approved dog unit with security dog handlers that can respond and assist clients at their premises.
  • Securimed is one of the few that has put in place a ten million and Public Liability Insurance cover for its client
  • Securimed on-site security guards are in full company uniform and have two way radio communicates with our 24/7 control room and is backed up by our Armed Response unit and Medical Response Team or Ambulance should they need any assistance.
  • Securimed specializes in supplying on-site security guards for personal and property or good protection on a 1 year contract or whenever the clients need us on a monthly contract as well as casual guarding services for one night only (ADHOC).

crowd control or strike action

  • Security will secure the property and protect the client and it's staff should they need any assistance with crowd control or strike action on the premises.

high level of work ethic

  • Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality of service by maintaining a high level of work ethic at all times. We are driven by our passion for safety and security in and outside of our community.
  • We believe that on-site security guards are only as good as the back assistance they get from their control Centre and the management support team.
  • Securimed works with its client to develop assignment instruction that meets their security requirements which all security guards adhere to and in conjunction with our company standing orders and security staff handbooks and assure our client of high quality service.

wealth of knowledge and experience

  • Securimed management and supervising officers have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the security and policing sector and they are loyal and dedicated to providing a high standard of service.

visit each client once a month

  • Our area managers visit each client once a month to insure compliance with all policies and procedures are in place and working.

up to date tracker monitoring units

  • All securimed response vehicles have been fitted with the up to date tracker monitoring units which gives our control room live view of our response vehicles moving around in the area.

We provide service to the following clients.

  • Commercial and industrial Corporations.
  • Both government and private schools.
  • Old Age homes
  • Private Clubs
  • Schools and colleges
  • College Hostels
  • School Hostals
  • Shopping Malls
  • Housing Estate
  • Farm Patrols
  • Special Events and Concerts
  • Construction Building Sites
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