First aid training

Securimed is an Intermediate Life Support Emergency Private Ambulance Service provider for our clients only and we also registered with Board of Health Care Professionals on Practice number 0144533

Securimed is also approved and registered training centre with the Dept of Labour-Occupational Health and Safety in September 2004, Registration number CI427

We have the following courses

  • First Aid Level One (1) with C.P.R
  • First Aid Level two (2) with C.P.R
  • First Aid Level three (3) with C.P.R

Practical Trauma experience

  • All the instructors work on Emergency Medical Response cars/Ambulances and they all have hands on Practical Trauma experience with love and passion for their job in helping patients.

train small groups of students

  • We will register and train small groups of students only for our first aid training courses.
  • This gives the instructors more practical training time with each and every student.
  • The student will be doing a lot of practical training one- on- one with each other.
  • This type of practical training will be done with students over and over again.
  • This type of training helps to give them the passion and confidence they need to assist and help the patient.

hands on instruction

  • We believe that First Aid Training is a very practical subject and can only be learned with hands on instruction.
  • Therefore, our training courses are run in a fun and relaxing environment with good practical hands on skills at the learning pace of the student.
  • The students do not need to have a grade 12 school certificate to do our First Aid Training courses.
  • All students will get an approved Dept. of Labour Occupational Health and Safety First Aid certificate on completing the course on the same day.

The First Aid Training certificate is valid for 3 years from the date issued

We can also come out and do the First Aid Training course at your premises if you have got a group of 10 students for training. This will help you not have to transport all your staff to our training centre

We have trained over 300 students and some of them got to love and had a passion for this type of work. They have gone on and did there Ambulance training courses and are now working on Ambulances for Metro and Private Ambulance service.

We try to make use of all our students at sports events, if they can find the time to spare over weekends earning some cash working as first aiders.

We have done training for the following clients

  • Old Age Homes staff members
  • Tour Guides
  • Fitness Gyms Instructors
  • Swartland Municipality
  • Drakenstein Municipality
  • Security companies staff members
  • Pioneer Foods
  • Swimming Instructors
  • Building Contractors
  • Shopping mall Managers
  • Rugby Clubs
  • Private Schools
  • Government Schools
  • Wine Estates
  • KFC
  • Wimpy
  • Spur
  • Ocean Basket


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